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2-flute DeepReach High Aspect-ratio End-mills

Item #: MM204-2500-100FLC

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Deep cutting end-mills optimized for shaping the sheet goods commonly used in the manufacture of dimensional signage, including HDU and PVC. The flute geometry has been tuned to insure smooth cutting and low deflection under high chip loads. Designed to work together, the fish tail bit is a high-performance roughing tool while the bull-nose and ball cutters are intended for clean-up and fine surface finishing. All of the bits can be used as stand-alone cutters for single pass, high-speed cutting and shaping .

  • Geometry - 2 flute, 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) shank, fish-tail tip
  • Length - as indicated ±0.010 in.
  • Diameter - nominal +0.0000 -0.0010 in.
  • Runout (TIR) - max 0.0002 in.
  • Max. depth of cut - nominal ±0.020 in.
  • Anticipated Life - depends on material being cut (min 10,000 in, western red cedar) Material - solid submicrograin carbide
  • Operating RPM - CNC certified operation 1k RPM to 60k RPM