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Ivoroid Dots .060" X .090"

Ivoroid Dots .060" x .090" deep Side Fret Markers, bag of 100 pcs


Mother of pearl remnants (.040")

Single bags of high quality, premium .040" Mother of Pearl remnants left over from our production stock. Approximately 5 ounces per bag.


Diamond-cut Router Bits

Our 6-flute PreciseBIT contour routers have been optimized for contour-cutting of glass-filled engineering composites (e.g. FR-4 fiberglass) and reconstituted stone products with high (>70%) mineral content. These tools boast very...

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Ebony Bridge Pins W/ Abalone Dots, 2nds

Ebony Bridge Pins w/ Abalone Dots (2nds, Irregulars), sold by the gross (144 pieces)


5 Color Rosette - Small

Multi Colored Herringbone Rosette: approx 3" I.D. x 4"O.D. x .060" - bundle of 6 pcs, Contains: black fiber, white fiber, walnut, paduck, mahogany, cherry


Black / White / Black Fiber Strips

B/W/B fiber, 10/10/10 x .187" x 22.5" bundle of 72 pcs


Rope Pattern, Indian Rosewood/Blue Fiber Inlay Banding Strip

Indian Rosewood/blue fiber rope Inlay strip (also called inlay banding), Cherry veneer accents and maple and black fiber exterior edges, Dimensions .040" (1mm) x .250" (6.35mm) x 36" (914mm).  ...


Down-cut End-Mills

The high-rake, down-cut flute geometry of these tools virtually eliminates top surface burring and fraying. This tool was designed specifically for cutting the sound holes and rosette pockets common on...

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Zipper Pattern, Black/Mahogany Inlay Banding Strip

Black/Mahogany zipper inlay pattern, Black and mahogany outside accent lines, Dimensions .040" (1mm) x .250" (6.35mm) x 36" (914mm)


Ladder Pattern, Black/Blue/Black/Cherry Inlay Banding Strip

Cherry/black veneer ladder inlay banding strip with blue veneer in core, Mahogany and black fiber exterior lines, Dimensions .040" (1mm) x .250" (6.35mm) x 36" (914mm)


Cherry Veneer Inlay Strip

Cherry veneer, .020" (.5mm) x 34.5" (876mm), available at .060", .080", .100", .187" or .250" widths.

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Ivoroid Grab Bag

Various sizes & condition, bundle of 25 pcs.