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Ivoroid Dots .060 X .090

Ivoroid Dots .060 x .090 deep Side Fret Markers, bag of 100 pcs


Ebony Border Inlay Strip

Ebony wood border inlay strip - Dimensions .250" (6.4mm) x 34.5" (876mm), available at .125" or .250" wide

From $5.19

Diamond-cut Router Bits

´╗┐´╗┐Our 6-flute PreciseBIT contour routers have been optimized for contour-cutting of glass-filled engineering composites (e.g. FR-4 fiberglass) and reconstituted stone products with high (>70%) mineral content. These tools boast very...

From $5.25

Walnut Veneer Inlay Strip

Walnut, .020" (.5mm) x 34.5" (876mm), available at .060", .080", .100", .187" or .250" widths.

From $0.37

Ladder Pattern, Black/Blue/Black/Cherry Inlay Banding Strip

Cherry/black veneer ladder inlay banding strip with blue veneer in core, Mahogany and black fiber exterior lines, Dimensions .040" (1mm) x .250" (6.35mm) x 36" (914mm)


Cherry Veneer Inlay Strip

Cherry veneer, .020" (.5mm) x 34.5" (876mm), available at .060", .080", .100", .187" or .250" widths.

From $0.36

5 Color Rosette - Small

Multi Colored Herringbone Rosette: approx 3" I.D. x 4"O.D. x .060" - bundle of 6 pcs, Contains: black fiber, white fiber, walnut, paduck, mahogany, cherry


Rope Pattern, Indian Rosewood/Blue Fiber Inlay Banding Strip

Indian Rosewood/blue fiber rope Inlay strip (also called inlay banding), Cherry veneer accents and maple and black fiber exterior edges, Dimensions .040" (1mm) x .250" (6.35mm) x 36" (914mm).  International...


Ivoroid Grab Bag

Various sizes & condition, bundle of 25 pcs.


Mahogany Veneer Inlay Strip

Mahogany veneer, .020" (.5mm) x 34.5" (876mm), available at .060", .080", .100", .187" or .250" widths.

From $0.36

Zipper Pattern, Black/Mahogany Inlay Banding Strip

Black/Mahogany zipper inlay pattern, Black and mahogany outside accent lines, Dimensions .040" (1mm) x .250" (6.35mm) x 36" (914mm)


Ladder Pattern, Mahogany/Black Inlay Banding Strip

Mahogany and black fiber ladder pattern inlay strip (also known as inlay banding), Black and mahogany accent borders, Dimensions .040" (1mm) x .375" (9.52mm) x 36" (914mm)